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Posts tagged: peter vindel

Check out the video for the new track from Fuck Buttons Red Wing. 

KORG launch the Volca Series. 3 analogue synths for leads, bass and rythm. 

The Line Begins To Blur is one of my favorite NIN tracks, but ironically I find With Teeth to be their worst album to date. 

How I wish Trent would just get back on drugs and reunite with Jerome, Danny, Robin and good ol´ Charlie…

Meshuggah have released a new video for the track I Am Colossus from the album Koloss

The video is much better than the track imho, as the kids say these days. 

DIY synths are popping up everywhere these days, and a lot of them are great. 

This is The NovaDrone by Casper Electronics, the same guy/company that made the Drone Lab synth. This thing is awesome, and you can add an endless amount of units into one another to create drones for days. 

read more about th synth and how to buy it here:

Here´s a video of the El Capistan delay pedal from Strymon. I can´t belive the wall of sound this little box makes. I´m getting one as soon as I can afford one. The same goes for their Blue Sky reverb pedal. Just great tones and so many different choices. 

Check out their website for more great pedals: 

I came across this guy Lowecase Noise on YouTube the other day, and was blown away. He uses a bunch of different pedals to create his ambient sound, but what caught my eye was the Strymon El Capistan delay pedal, and the Strymon Blue Sky reverb pedal. What a huge sound they make. Just walls of drone. Guess they would be just as good to use with a synth to create drone/noise as they are making these wonderful sounds. 

I´m really diggin´Pete Swansons new album, Punk Authority. Noise techno at it´s finest. 

Song of the day: Prurient - Precious Love

From his iconic album The History of AIDS

Merzbow has to be one of the most extreme members of the noise community. This is one of his over 300 releases, Venereology.

Pure chaos, gotta love it.