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Posts tagged: indutrial metal

The Line Begins To Blur is one of my favorite NIN tracks, but ironically I find With Teeth to be their worst album to date. 

How I wish Trent would just get back on drugs and reunite with Jerome, Danny, Robin and good ol´ Charlie…

Check out the teaser for the new Fear Factory single Recharger.

Their 8th full-lenght album, The Industrialist, drops June 5th.

Ministry - Just One Fix: The Movie. 

This is the documentary about the infamous Ministry - The godfathers of industrial metal. Both members of the band, as well as people they influenced (Trent Reznor, Dave Navarro, Jonathan Davies, Ohgr etc) comment on the bands “fall from grace”, as they spiraled down a slope of sex, blood and industrial metal in the mid 90´s. 


So, Ministry are back from the dead - again. Their new album, Relapse, is hittin´ the shelves in May, but they´ve released one track allready and another one will be released this Friday. 

I think the track is kinda catchy, but the production suck HIV-infected cock to be honest…