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"Are you gonna go my way?"
- Lenny Kravitz

"Are you gonna go my way?"

- Lenny Kravitz

Grunge is back on the menu!

Combat boots, greasy long hair, goatees and seconhand clothes. Yes, I am talking about grunge, or heroin rock as my dad used to call it.

As a child of the 80’s I spent my teens with grunge on the radio and on MTV. I still remember the day my dad told me Kurt Cobain had killed himself, as well as the first time I saw the video to Pearl Jam's Alive.

Now, almost 20 years later, grunge is back on the menu! It’s kinda hilarious to see teenagers with the same style as I had when I was on their age. I’m not even sure they know what band’s T-shirt they are wearing, or what grunge was all about.

What always fascinated me about grunge was that the lead singers kicked ass. Still to this day Layne Staley is one of my all time favourite singers, and I wish he was still with us.


Alice In Chains managed to find a dude sounding allmost as cool as Layne and are releasing the follow-up to 2009 Black Gives Way To Blue later this year.

Soundgarden are also releasing an album this year, after Chris Cornell finally gave up being the new Justin Timberlake.


Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots are still going strong, so if someone manages to get Cortney Love to sober up the elite of grunge could unite to conquer the world yet again.

Until next time;

Expect the unexpected…