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Clams Casino

So, for a while now I’ve been diggin’ everything this guy gets involved in. It started out last year when I’d kinda been force-fed his album by every "Best of the Year" poll out there, and I finally ordered his EP Rainforest on Amazon.

I loved the EP at first listen, but an EP isn’t really enough to get you really hooked. And it actually took a while untill I got aware of his Instrumentals mixtape. That’s when I realized this guy was a real genious.


Clams Casino has come up with a sound that is so basic and simple, but at the same time groundbreaking and innovative. His sound is basically hypnotic, with atmospheric synth layers, laid back beats and his signature vocal-samples.

It didn’t really come as a surprise when artists like A$AP Rocky started using his beats, and I’m sure this guy is gonna be around for a long while.

Until next time;

Expect the unexpected…


Tri Angle Records, home to oOoOO, Holy Other, Clams Casino, Balam Acab and How To Dress Well to name a few, release a sneak peak of the new EP from Howse.

Lay Hollow EP will hit the shelves on May 28th.


Song of the day: Clams Casino - Treetops.

Breathtaking experimental electronica from their album Rainforest.