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Posts tagged: beats

Check out the video for the new track from Fuck Buttons Red Wing. 

A lot of musicians claim that using programmed drums or a drum machine is “cheating” or whatever. After seeing Jeremy Ellis I have a feeling they would change their minds. 

This guys is a wizard on the Native Instruments Maschine drum-pad.

Song of the day is the new track from Zomby: Soliloquy

New track from Crystal Castles - Affection.

Crystal Castles release a new track from their upcoming album. This one has a “cleaner” sound than what we’re used to from these guys.

The perfect soundtrack for a rainy day.

The perfect soundtrack for a rainy day.

Watch the creepy new video for Crystal Castles new single, Plague.

Song of the day: Holy Other - Nothing Here.

Great track from Holy Other’s debut LP “Held”.